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Charity Case Adding 30 One-Bedrooms to the Fenway

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We really do have to update our Rental Heatmap. The busy, busy Fenway will host the Hub's latest apartment building on what's now a parking lot at 1085 Boylston Street. The Hamilton Co. wants to build six floors with 30 rentals as well as 18 parking spaces, most of them below street level. The building would also have a so-called green roof, an environmentally friendly redoubt that could be accessed by tenants.

The real kicker, though, as we find out from The Herald's Greg Turner, is that the developer wants to use proceeds from the building to fund its charity work—to the tune of up to $1M annually. The only downside we can really see is that all 30 apartments are to be one-bedrooms. It's a demographically unwelcome addition to a Boston teeming with smaller apartments geared toward singletons and childless couples (but an addition nonetheless in a city that does need itself some apartment inventory). There's a community hearing on 1085 Boylston tonight.

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