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Bittersweet Sign of Boston's Building Boom in the South End

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A nearly 90-year-old building, one of the last of its kind in the South End, will be demolished this week to make way for a stack of floor-through luxury suites. First, the sad news: The Olde Dutch Cottage Candy & Antiques store at 518 Tremont Street is one of the neighborhood's final freestanding retail buildings. The good news: The condos that shall replace it are actually, honest-to-the-gods family-sized apartments in a Boston craving them. Per Casey Ross in The Globe:

Over the next year, developer PEG Properties & Design will construct five levels of Parisian-style flats on the property that will be priced at about $3 million a piece. Each unit will occupy an entire floor and have at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and underground parking. The vast majority of Boston apartments and condos pitched and planned during this busiest of recent building booms have been of the studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom variety (and the latter only intermittently). Indeed, it's been a boom dominated by talk of the small: micro-apartments, density, etc. What's being called the Chevron on Tremont will stick out for the size of its flats—though, interestingly, not for its seven-figure prices: it will be right across from the Atelier 505, a luxury condo that's seen its share of mega-listings (and price-chops).

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Atelier 505

505 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02116