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$10M Nantucket Pricechop; What You Get For $3.995M; More!

Everyone to the beach for the weekend! But, first, the latest from Curbed Cape Cod.

CAPE & ISLANDS—This week in Curbed Comparisons, five properties in five different Cape and Islands neighborhoods, all asking $3,995,000. On the Cape, that'll get you on the water. Not so much on Nantucket, of course.
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NANTUCKETOnce New England's priciest listing, this nearly 70 acre estate (above) recently met with the pricechopper. Listed in May for $59M, the waterfront property is now asking $49M. What a bargain.
PROVINCETOWN—We did away with the PriceSpotter for mere mortals and went all NYC-style this week. Our asking price guessing game featured a waterfront condo in the West End. Listing price for the840 sq. ft. one bedroom? A cool $1,795,000. Check back tomorrow for a new PriceSpotter.