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Floor-Through Practically a Toddler by Beacon Hill Standards

We're always a sucker for plush Beacon Hill pads, and this floor-through apartment at 62 Beacon Street is one of the plushest in recent memory. The deep colors, whether rendered dark or bright, throughout the 3,000-square-foot spread almost dare you to cradle a snifter of brandy as you traipse about through the twilight's dying embers, smoking jacket about you, talking to the paintings on the walls (and they talk back). Though it has that somber opulence you'd associate with the neighborhood—even the kitchen has us wondering when Downton Abbey comes back—the apartment's a relative youngster for the Hill: The building it's in was built in 1938—never mind pre-Civil War, it's barely pre-WWII. Still, the 4-BR, 3.5-BA is yours now for $3,450,000.

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