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Psst, Hub Condo Buyers! Remember One Thing...

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'Tis no surprise that the Hub condo market is romping, and that has buyers edgy. The Globe's Jenifer B. McKim took a turn through the verdant sellers' fields, stopping by open houses and interviewing brokers happy to sow the seeds of panic and opportunity. (The numbers, of course, back up the hoopla, with sales way up annually in neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, the North End, Charlestown and Southie, not to mention the right honorable cities of Somerville and Cambridge.)

One piece of advice, though, for those throwing themselves ever-more into the sales breach: Broker William Brokhof "warns potential buyers to be cautious, for example, by vetting the condo ­association before completing a deal, making sure its members have up-to-date ­paperwork, insurance, and ­finances. 'It is one of the most overlooked aspects of buying a condo,' said Brokhof, an agent with the Boston Home Team in ­Jamaica Plain. 'A lot of them don't keep proper books.'"

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