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Coping w/ Hub's Sub-$400K Market; Fake Supers in Brookline

HUB-WIDE—Scott Van Voorhis tries to assuage the anger of those confronting the sub-$400K housing market: "You can find a half-decent fixer-upper below $400,000 within I-495 beltway, and maybe within 128 as well, but you are going to have pay more if you want a home in pristine, move-in condition." []
BROOKLINE—Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, y'all: "A resident called to report two men who entered her apartment on Monday, Sept. 24, at 10 a.m. The men showed up with a dog and asked her to stand outside the apartment while they searched it. The caller believed they were with the management company, but later discovered they were not." [Tab]