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What the New Starbucks in Southie Would Mean

Yesterday afternoon, we broke it to you gently that the new 50-unit apartment complex at 11 West Broadway in South Boston, once the site of the Quiet Man Pub and set to open soon, might very well have a Starbucks on the ground floor. It would be the first Southie Starbucks beyond the waterfront, the first, as Billy Baker and Patrick Russo point out in The Globe, to carry the 02127 ZIP code. To every season turn, turn, and all that.

A Starbucks there would be as significant an indicator of the neighborhood's gentrification, we think, as the introduction of micro-apartments aimed at the singleton techies who latte (yes, latte as a verb). And the natives seem to get that:

"There's a farm-to-table store up on East Broadway," said David Lindsay-Abaire, a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright from the neighborhood. "There could only be a Starbucks to follow. It was only a matter of time, but it makes me very sad. It's not as if the Quiet Man Pub was the site of upstanding moral behavior. But it makes me so sad." The new Starbucks could be O.K.'d as soon as today. Pour a Dunkie out.

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11 West Broadway

11 West Broadway, Boston, MA