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$70K Truro Micro-Apt.; $8.5M Marstons Mills Manse; More!

And, now, the weekly word from the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod.

OAK BLUFFS—We're off to the Vineyard for this week's PriceSpotter. The star of our asking price guessing game is an Oak Bluffs "Gingerbread Gem" built in 1871 (above). Any idea what the listing price for the1050 sq. ft. four bedroom with gothic detail galore might be? Vote here.
TRURO—Micro-apartments are all the rage so we're jumping on the bandwagon over the bridge as well. This 230 sq. ft. Truro condo comes with deeded beach access and allows for rentals. It's yours for $70K.
MARSTONS MILLS—The anecdote to the micro-apartment? A mansion, of course! This 12,437 sq. ft. waterfront estate on Prince Cove has hit the market asking a mansion-worthy $8,495,000. According to our public-school-alum-math, just about 54 of those Truro condos could fit into this baby.
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