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411 D Deal Blows Two-Building Southie Project Wide Open

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Might 411 D Street in Southie move ahead now? (And join the horde of apartments going up in the Hub—dig our Rental Heatmap of where the new buildings are going?) The Boston Redevelopment Authority, recall, had O.K.'d the 197-unit, two-building project across from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and it looked set to join the construction-boom party. Then an abutting landlord, Terence Conroy Jr., sued 411 D's developer, Cresset, saying the new project would cock up his own plans to build by robbing any future project of lots of natural light and beautiful views (always the abutters, eh?).

Well, per The Herald's Greg Turner, it appears both sides have come to an agreement to allow 411 D to move forward. Details are sketching but at least the BRA is optimistic. Said a spokeswoman: "It's great news that this has reached an agreement. It's an important economic development project for the neighborhood and the city."

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