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Mapping Bostonhenge; Kendall Cafeteria Debate

BOSTON—Andy Woodruff maps Bostonhenge: "Here in Boston, like most everywhere else in the country outside New York, we're at the disadvantage of not having the insane skyscraper street canyons that make Manhattanhenge remarkable. But perhaps our lack of any overall street system makes up for it; Manhattan gets only a couple of days each year, while the sun rises and sets over different streets on a number of dates here." [Bostonography]
KENDALL SQUARE—Might the area's myriad changes have rendered some zoning obsolete? "The pretense that Biogen Idec's return to Cambridge was threatened by a cafeteria zoning requirement was abandoned Wednesday at a meeting of the City Council's Ordinance Committee, replaced by the argument that the zoning was made irrelevant by recent changes in Kendall Square and poorly thought out in the first place." [Day]

Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA