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Cambridge's $68K Parking Space; Hub's 'Fanciest Hotel'

CAMBRIDGE—Keeping with the general Hub meme of batshit crazy parking-space prices, there's this one for $68,000: "Conveniently located in University Road Parking Association lot at western edge of Harvard Square, entered off University Road, behind University Place (124 Mount Auburn Street). Sited to allow very easy entry and exit." [Hammond RE]
EVERETT—Steve Wynn can't help but boast about his plans for a $1 billion casino resort: "'It's going to be the fanciest hotel in the Boston area,' Wynn said during a phone interview from his home in Sun Valley, Idaho. 'It will have superior rooms, first-class services, shows. It will have short hallways and fast elevators . . . It's going to be a big attraction.'" [Globe]