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Questions! Too Many Apts.? Royalton Closed? Snowed-In?

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HUB-WIDE—We've asked the same question re: all the residential development: "It's good to see all the cranes in the air, but will 6,000 apartments be too much?" [Biz Journal]

BACK BAY—Is it curtains for a certain inn? "Neither The Cafe Royale nor its home, the Royalton Suites hotel on Newbury Street, has answered repeated calls during regular hours, and an Eater tipster claims that the restaurant has closed." [Eater Boston]
BRIGHTON—Lisa DeCanio breaks down the worst neighborhoods for navigating snow: "Back in August when you signed your lease, you felt really proud of yourself for living in Brighton. 'I don't mind the B Line!' you told yourself, thinking of all the money you'll save on rent while living in Brighton. Yeah, you're minding the B Line this morning, aren't you?" [BostInno]
HUB-WIDE—It's winter outside, alright, but there's a Kickstarter campaign for the summer under way: "Boston Jazz Gigs will produce over 30 concerts this Summer 2013 for jazz musicians in the Boston area." [Kickstarter]