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Get 10% Cash Back on Your Move with Unpakt

Launched in July 2012, Unpakt is the first web app of its kind. Easing the agony of finding affordable, trustworthy movers, the tidy system streamlines the process to under an hour, giving customers exact prices and the ability to compare local moving companies side-by-side—instantly.

Here's how it works:

1. Enter the basics and make an inventory of what you're moving using Unpakt's super sleek interface.

2. Review options customized for you (see exact prices, user reviews, services and ratings) and choose a mover. If you're not ready to commit now, no worries. You can save your plan for a later date and edit your inventory and needs as much as you need to beforehand.

3. Lock in your guaranteed price when you book the mover of your choice. Enter your billing details. Relax.

And, exclusively for Curbed readers, receive 10% cash back using promo code CURBED10*.

*Expires March 1, 2013.