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One Canal's Ace; North End House Parties; More!

WEST END/NORTH END—This morning's newsflash about those towers in front of TD Garden (and the supermarket slated for within them) could free another major project in the area to move forward: "One Canal, Trinity's project, has been on hold because Mayor Thomas M. Menino, the state's Department of Transportation and the neighborhood have insisted on a signed lease with a supermarket before construction can commence. If Trinity can secure a market, they can proceed with a 435,000-square-foot development with 320 apartments, 21,000 square feet of retail and 159 indoor parking spaces for residents." [Biz Journal]
NORTH END—The BPD met with residents to talk about the seemingly ceaseless drunken hooliganism in the neighborhood: "'We mostly see people that are over-served from the bars they are coming from and walking back to the neighborhood,' said Captain Lee, 'along with the house parties.' Sgt Lema added that he is 'amazed at the droves of young professionals' walking through the North End. 'They are a happy crowd that unfortunately are impacting the quality of life of others.'" []
CENTRAL SQUARE—Density partisans A Better Cambridge offers hedged support for Forest City's Mass. Ave. plans: "We urge Forest City to produce a design that recognizes the texture of the neighborhood and enhances it distinctive character. On balance, however, we find that the proposal merits our support." [Day]

Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139

One Canal

1 Canal Street, Boston, MA 02114