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Old Garden Site to Sprout Supermarket, Target, Apartments

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Wowza! Even in an era of especially brisk Boston development, what's being pitched for in front of TD Garden stands out. Arena owner Delaware North and partner Boston Properties want to build two towers, each at least 430 feet high and totaling 1.3 million square feet of new space, on the site of the old Boston Garden demolished in 1998.

The towers, per Casey Ross at The Globe, would act as a gateway to the North Station area. "The buildings would be designed with generous amounts of glass and include a large archway leading visitors into the Garden. The complex would be situated over an entrance to North Station, providing easy transit access for residents, workers, and hotel guests."

But never mind all that, neat as it is (and complements as it does other development in the area, including the planned 38-story, 503-unit Nashua Street Residences nearby). The towers are slated to contain a 45,000-square-foot supermarket, a much-pined-for amenity in the area by residents (Stop & Shop is the brand being bandied about). There would also be—get this!—a multilevel Target. There would also be hundreds of apartments or condos and a hotel with up to 300 rooms.

That's in the 430-foot tower. The 440-foot one next to it would have 600,000 square feet of office space, plus retail at the base, including restaurants (in all, we're talking 300,000 square feet of retail space). No word yet from the Boston Redevelopment Authority, as everything is very much in the nascent stages. A little birdie tells us, however, that such an ambitious project, backed as it is by major, deep-pocketed developers, will have little trouble moving forward in this era of Boston.
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