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Let's Rename Cambridge's Area IV

Here it is: a flash-poll to decide what the new name for Cambridge's Area IV could be. Recall that residents and at least one elected official have had it with the current neighborhood name, which is but a police-district code (one of only two Cambridge neighborhoods, along with Neighborhood 9, to carry such a designation, but even that gets divvied up colloquially into Peabody and Avon Hill).

There is currently a proposal on the table with the City Council to designate Area IV as something else entirely. Many residents aware of the issue favor "The Port" or "Lower Port," nods to 19th-century efforts to build a deep-water port off Kendall Square. But, on Thursday, we called for your nominations as well. Here are the top five (in our humble opinion—sorry, "The Area Formerly Known as IV"). The flash-poll closes at 3 p.m. sharp. Go!

Poll results

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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA