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Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet West Kendall!

"West Kendall" was the narrow winner of Friday's flash-poll to rename Cambridge's Area IV. Recall that residents and at least one elected official want to toss the current neighborhood name, a police-district code, into the ash-heap of history, and breathe some more specific life into the lively swathe to the northwest of M.I.T. and Kendall Square.

"West Kendall" captured 26.7 percent of Friday's vote, just ahead of the 23.3 percent which favored "Windsor" (both names were nominated by readers, one because of the square nearby and the other presumably because of the street that runs through the neighborhood). "Central Republic," a nod to Cambridge's nickname "the People's Republic," finished third with one-fifth of the vote. Local favorites "The Port" and "Lower Port" finished further back. For us, at least, West Kendall it is, then, going forward!
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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA