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How Green Are the Fenway's Alleys; Tiny Boston; More!

BOSTON—Here now a delightfully charming YouTube of "miniature Boston" over Thanksgiving last year, set to Rossini's William Tell Overture. [BostonTweet]
FENWAY—Jonathan Berk looks at just how green the neighborhood might get as it builds, builds, builds: "Six years ago MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning looked at the progress of the Fenway neighborhood and attempted to advise new developers on ways to continue the neighborhood growth with an environmentally conscious mindset. Some of their ideas included developers taking advantage of LEED certification tax breaks as well as pushing the Boston Redevelopment Authority to utilize LEED zoning incentives in rezoning the Fenway Neighborhood." [JonathanBerk711]
HUB-WIDE—We believe it: "About 750 members of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors were asked last month about the impact that the price difference between heating a home with heating oil and with natural gas had on their clients' decisions when it came to buying and selling. ... The majority of respondents – 53 percent – reported that their clients would strongly prefer to buy a home with natural gas but would still consider a home with oil heat." [Biz Journal]