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Eastie's Portside at Pier One Gets Under Way

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It's on in Eastie! Construction on the first phase of Portside at Pier One has gotten under way, according to an announcement from lead developer Mack [Daddy]-Cali Realty. This first phase encompasses a five-story, 176-unit apartment building adjacent to the pier, with 150 units market-rate and the rest marked as affordable.

Portside at Pier One has been stalled for years, so this news is a good harbinger not only for the developers (and for Bostonians apartment-hunting), but also for the Eastie waterfront in general. Recall that in 2011 Mayor Menino announced plans so ambitious for building up the waterfront that we felt compelled to wonder aloud if the Eastie waterfront was not the new Innovation District.

Portside at Pier One is the kind of development that would fit right in with said Innovation District (or at least with the mindsets of the people who tout the district). Expected to grow to over 26 acres with 566 apartments and plenty of public space and retail, the Portside developers tout its proximity to the Maverick Blue Line station. Transit-oriented, people, transit-oriented!
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