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Getting to the Bottom of Mass. Listings Plunge; More!

HUB-WIDE—Mass. home prices spiked in December, according to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, and listings plunged as well... or did they? Scott Van Voorhis notes this: "The price spike in December coincided with a big drop in the months of supply of unsold homes on the market, which fell from 6 months in November to 4.7 months in December..." Bill Wendel points out, however: "Did listings plunge from sales, or 15,000+ #expired & canceled listings in 4Q2012?" You decide. [ Estate Cafe]
CHELSEA—Probably for the best he's not running for governor, then: "State campaign finance regulators have concluded that Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray violated state law by accepting political donations from the disgraced former Chelsea housing director and they've asked the attorney general to conduct a criminal investigation of Murray as well as key members of his campaign team." [Globe]