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These Boston Vus Have Been On Sale for Almost Two Years

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The Ritz-Carlton is undoubtedly one of the Hub's swankiest condo addresses (why, it's one of the Curbed Boston 76, what more proof do you need?). One 25th-floor unit, however, has been on the market now for just over 700 days: a 3-BR, 3.5-BA, 2,707-square-foot, south-tower spread with Master-of-the-Universe views from three sides and all of the building's amenities (including one valeted, garaged parking space).

It hit the market most recently in February 2011 for $3,400,000, after being listed on and off since May 2009, sometimes for as low as $2,850,000 (as of now, the $3.4M asking holds). The spread last traded in those prelapsarian days of early 2007 for $2,200,000.
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Ritz-Carlton Residences

2 Avery Street, Boston, MA 02111