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South Brookline Whale's Ice Rink? Fahgettaboutit

Welcome to Curbed Boston's first-ever Whale Week, wherein we explore the high-rollers, both people and places, of the Hub real estate market. Got a tip or an idea? Drop us an email!

The thing about real estate whales is that they're big. And brassy. The two, one could argue, go hand in hand; and this newly listed 3,873-square-foot spread in South Brookline is a prime example: It's a sizable house on a quarter-acre, and it comes with accoutrements like an ice rink and, as you can see, the phrase "Fahgettaboutit" imprinted over the six-burner kitchen stove, as if daring possible buyers to question the dog portrait over the fireplace or the de facto clubhouse downstairs leading to the said rink. The 5-BR, 4.5-BA spread last traded in April 2006 for $1,275,000, and is now asking $1,359,000. Problem?
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