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Mapping Boston's Luxe Stores, Beauty Treatments; Diamonds

It's time to go shopping with Racked Boston!

HUB-WIDE—Whether an endless shopping spree is fantasy or reality, these 18 stores should satisfy your craving for cashmere, leather, and precious stones.
BACK BAY—Time to ready that Amex for the upcoming March jewelry auction at the Back Bay Skinner gallery. A six carat diamond is up for grabs, folks.
HUB-WIDE—Unwind and glam up with these nine ultra luxe beauty treatments after your mega shopping spree. You'll find pricey hair and lash extensions, straightening treatments, and a diamond facial. (See a running diamond trend?)
BEACON HILLDo the Liberty Hotel's Fashionably Late like a baller—stay in the Ebersol Suite, pop some bubbly, down caviar, and enjoy the show right on the catwalk.