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Priciest Home Sales of 2012; Crowdfunding Cookies; More!

Why, it's Curbed Cape Cod!

CAPE & ISLANDS—Here now, the 20 priciest home sales of 2012. Surprisingly, ot all of them were on Nantucket.
CAPE COD—The final round of the Curbed Cup was neck and neck for days. So close, in fact, that we had to go into overtime! Provincetown and Wellfleet threw down in an Outer Cape showdown and the winner of the faux trophy was...

CAPE & ISLANDS—In this week's EaterWire: crowdfunding cookies, a 6K pound pizza oven in downtown Hyannis & Nantucket Bake Shop news.
OSTERVILLE—We're off to Osterville for this week's asking price guessing game (above). According to the brokerbabble, our pricespotter on West Bay is a "magnificent seaside compound" with a listing price somewhere between $9.1M and $9.7M. Let your click be heard, right this way.