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The T's Hidden Artwork; Introducing the South End; More!

BACK BAY—Look closer at the artwork at the Arlington T stop next time: "Turns out, there is a story behind the hidden images, and the photo of the bundled up sticks that sits on the T's wall at Arlington Station has quite the history as well. The image, captured by artist Ross Miller, is part of the MBTA's station artwork initiative, and depicts 'fishweir,' wooden fence-like structures used by Native Americans to catch fish thousands of years ago." [BostInno]
SOUTH END—Here's a cool introductory video to the 2011 Curbed Boston Cup winner. [Globe via Buy Rent Sell Boston]

CHARLESTOWN—We are, too! "I chose to feature this single-family home located at 6 Washington Street in Charlestown, because I'm a sucker for bookshelves. Plain and simple. Without further adieu, here's a look at the lovely (and huge!) 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom property, currently listed at $1,589,000." [Back Bay Charm]

6 Washington Street

6 Washington Street, Boston, MA