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Bouncy Higher-End Hub Sales; Beacon Hill Hotel Deal; More!

MASS.-WIDE—One more statistical jaw-dropper from last year: "While demand increased for single-family homes and condos across all price levels in 2012, there was also a jump in activity for posh Boston condos and luxurious Cape mansions. Looking at the top of the market, there were 442 sales transactions worth over $2 million—a 25 percent gain over last year." [Herald]

BEACON HILL—Further proof that Boston's hospitality market is inn demand (eh, it's Monday morning): "LaSalle Hotel Properties bought a majority interest in the 298-room Liberty Hotel—formerly the Charles Street Jail—through a $170 million joint venture ... At just over $570,000 a room, the deal represents 'the highest price per room of all hotels sold in Boston over (at least) the last two years'..." [Herald]
EAST CAMBRIDGE—Is the state ignoring the East Cambridge Planning Team over the fate of the old Sullivan Courthouse? The team says yes: "DCAM, despite multiple invitations and follow-up emails, has not yet responded to ECPT's request to attend Wednesday's meeting and discuss the awarding of the Courthouse redevelopment to Leggat McCall. Yes, DCAM said neighborhood involvement was important and that they considered us an important stakeholder in the process, however, their actions speak loudly to the contrary..." [Facebook]
BOSTON—How did the city's housing market look at the start of 2013? Broker John A. Keith has stats on Boston proper for the month ending Jan. 6 vs. the same period going back years. One takeaway: the average list price was $1,590,201, about $400K up from a year before. [John A. Keith Real Estate]

Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141