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Sentient Beings Are Writing Reviews of Logan's Runways

Over on Google+ there are apparently actual reviews of the six runways of Logan Airport. Not entirely clear whether they're meant as jokes; the work of extremely jaded PR pros; the observations of pilots in the know; or the actual sentiments of frequent fliers in and out of New England's busiest airport. But they're there, entered by aware beings capable of navigating the Net and typing.

Like this one about Runway 9: "By far, Logan Airport's best runway. Smooth, clean and comfortable. Remember to ask your pilot to make your Logan landing on Runway 9." (We can just picture the scene of poking our head in the cockpit during boarding—"Excuse us, yeah, row 7, seat A. Was wondering if you might touch down on 9 when we get there.") Or the above for 15L/33R: "This is my favorite runway at Logan. So much better than 4L/22R." Or the rather tepid review of 14/32: "It's a runway, alright. Typical runway; not much you can do about it. I would recommend the pilot to land on 4L/22R, though. That one deserves 4 stars." Snob.

(hat tip: Bryon Wells)