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Commuter-Rail Times; Southie Condo Delays; More!

HUB-WIDE—Peter Dunn has extremely neat maps of commuter-rail times (real commuter-rail times): "Since commuters probably already know their schedules, the diagram is potentially more useful to new riders. Car commuters can see where they might save time by taking the train. Newcomers looking for a place to move in the region can quickly compare how much of their day they'd spend commuting from various stations. (If you choose the home another six minutes away, that's an extra hour a week you'll spend getting to and from work.)" [Stonebrown Design]
BOSTON—Lisa DeCanio takes the bull by the horns re: her apartment: "The unsucking has to go further than just remodeling a wall of my bedroom. My whole apartment needs a healthy dose of unsuck." [BostInno]

SOMERVILLE—There is new info online about the Community Path Extension: "The path currently runs from Davis Square to Cedar Street with an extension being completed, by the City of Somerville, to Lowell Street." [Ward 5 Online]
SOUTH BOSTON—A question over open space is delaying two projects in the neighborhood, each of which would creates six condos. The first project, at 141-143 West 6th Street, would raze the two structures already at the site. The other project's at 9 M Street. []