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Belmont Rats; Dorchester Development; Boston Candidates

DORCHESTER—Residents will get more info about the Talbot Commons project Wednesday: "Plans for the first, $7-million phase call for the construction of two structures and the rehab of another for 12 affordable residential units and three units of artist live/work space. Three other units included in the project are housed in a recently rehabbed triple-decker..." []
BELMONT—It seems the town's being overrun by rats: "While the problem has proved to be town-wide, Russakow said the most reports come from densely-populated areas, such as the Trapelo Road/Belmont Street corridor." []
BOSTON—Yes, yes, of course: "Both Marty Walsh and John Connolly pledged to reform the BRA, said the city needed to do more to develop middle-class housing and professed a willingness to loosen zoning requirements to allow denser, taller developments." [Banker & Tradesman]