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Giant Copley Place Tower Almost There

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[The tower imagined against the skyline via Neoscape]

It's on: Everybody's favorite rubber stamp, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, is set Thursday to O.K. the 52-story addition to Copley Place.

Recall that the 625-foot tower, which would be the tallest majority-apartment building in New England, was originally approved back in November 2011, despite vociferous opposition over its luxury bent and its potential shadows. There was even an Occupy the Mayor's Office movement (remember those cats?). Then, about a year later, developer Simon Property Group, most famed for its mall-building, suspended development, saying it wanted to reevaluate the project.

Then! Simon unveiled fresh plans in the early summer, this time for a tower of 433 apartments and 109 condos (the 2011 plans called for a 47-story tower with 318 condos, period) as well as expanded retail at the base. There's still some tussling over the affordable-housing component of the Copley Place Tower, though (another) BRA O.K. seems inevitable, adding yet another tall building to the Boston skyline.
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Copley Place

2 Copley Place, Boston, MA 02116 617 262 6600