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South Station Re-Imagined; New Boston Ferries; More!

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DOWNTOWN—The state would like your input on how to redo South Station: "Bringing in more light, opening up space inside the station, offering better services and facilities for passengers, and unrolling better technology for rider information are just some of the ideas that MassDOT officials say they are kicking around." [Daily]
WATERFRONT—They would cost $3 a ride: "Contracts are expected by year's end for two new ferries slated to start running next year between South Boston, East Boston and Charlestown." [Herald]
CAMBRIDGE—It's a big f*cking deal that would apply to developments of at least 25,000 square feet: "The goal of a net-zero-emissions Cambridge has been embraced by City Manager Richard C. Rossi, with a timeline and task force structure ready for approval Monday by the City Council." [Day]

MBTA South Station

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