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Possibilities Endless for Chiofaro and Harbor Garage

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[Photos courtesy of ADD INC.] Can you imagine a Boston waterfront with a beach, a swimming pool, or even an ice skating rink? How about a canal that connects the Greenway to Boston Harbor? That's what Don Chiofaro is reimagining for the Boston Harbor Garage.

When Chiofaro initially pitched his proposal for the two-tower Aquarium Place, enthusiasm was not strong. The project was criticized for being too tall, even after it slashed the scale by 25 percent. The 40 and 50 story building proposal came to a screeching halt in City Hall, with much opposition from building-happy Mayor Menino himself. Opposition from residents is still strong against towering skyscrapers that cast shadows and block views (and whatever reason people might have against building tall), but Chiofaro is trying a different approach. Instead of focusing on changing the Boston skyline, he reached out to the community and asked for feedback. And the people responded. Improving the site with public spaces, retail options, and other amenities made the list of priorities.

Outdoor dining and ground level activity has become the focus in this iteration of the plan. The new plan offers a glimpse into a possible new waterfront. Wider sidewalks and public art would link the Aquarium and the Harbor. It also asked neighbors and planners if they would like to see the garage improved upon or have it torn down completely to make way for the new development. However, Chiofaro maintains that the best use of the site is to replace it with a mix-use residential area with offices, a hotel, and retail included.

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