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Take the Orange Line to the Commons at Forest Hills

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'Tis no secret that transit-oriented development is a thing in the Hub. The recently O.K.'d Commons at Forest Hills in Jamaica Plain is no exception: It's less than 800 feet from the end of the Orange Line at, well, Forest Hills.

The $95 million, 300,000-square-foot complex will unfold over nearly 3 acres off Washington Street, in four buildings of three to five stories each. There will be 283 apartments, 170 parking spaces for cars, room for 250 bikes (modern, modern!), 9,000 square feet of retail, and around 1 acre of open space.

The Commons at Forest Hills joins over development around the terminus of the Orange Line, including a five-building, 42-unit development next-door. And we might point out a supreme irony in the transit-friendly Commons' pedigree: It replaces the site of an oil-company storage plant. Done.
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