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Here's the Millennium Tower with People Around It

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The mother of all recent Boston towers officially started construction last month, complete with confetti and Tom Menino, the cornerstones of a healthy groundbreaking. What spurred such fanfare was the fact that not only was the old Filene's site finally getting filled, but that it was getting filled with something so consequential: a 625-foot tower of residences and retail guaranteed to enliven the dead-after-5-p.m. area around it.


We imagine it's no accident that the above couple of renderings show the area around the Millennium Tower at dusk, as if suggesting that, yes, its mere presence will spill some zest into Downtown Crossing's busy-during-the-daylight-only blocks. Do you think it will? Or is the tower just another gated community in downtown Boston? Your thoughts welcome by email or through the comments button in the upper right. Get.
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Millennium Tower

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