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Orange, Red Lines Rolling Into 21st Century; More!

MASS.-WIDE—Single-family home sales had a particularly good late summer: "A total of 4,358 single-family homes sold in Massachusetts in September, a 16 percent increase from 3,739 sales in September 2012. Sales also increased in the third quarter – rising to 16,097 from 13,957 during the same period in 2012. Year-to-date sales are up by 12 percent at 37,757, compared to 35,590 during the same period a year ago." [Warren Group]
HUB-WIDE—The state's congratulating itself on updating the Orange and Red lines: "[O]n Tuesday, Governor Deval Patrick announced that those trains will soon be replaced with a new set of vehicles—152 to be exact—which will feature more seating and standing space for riders, wider electrically operated doors, and updated passenger information and announcement systems." [Daily]