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Cambridge's Priciest Listing Drops by Six Figures

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The 6,134-square-foot Italianate manse at 1 Berkeley Street has been Cambridge's priciest listing for a goodly chunk of 2013. Still is, in fact, even after a mammoth price-chop.

The 6-BR, 7-BA spread, with six fireplaces and two decks (and a two-car garage), hit the sales market in May for $5,800,000, having last sold way back in June 1998 for $2,500,000. As of last week, it's $200,000 cheaper, recording one of the biggest price-chops in the People's Republic this year, but still retaining its crown as the city's most expensive asking. The next comer is a 6-BR, 6-BA at 49 Washington Avenue for a paltry $4,750,000. Stay tuned.
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