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A Look at Tunnel; Ultimate Halloween Guide; More!

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Time for a bite from Eater Boston.

THEATRE DISTRICT—Boston's newest club opened up underneath the W Hotel recently, and it's both shaped like a tunnel and named Tunnel. It also has a dizzying array of LEDs that can do magical bright things in approximately a zillion combinations.
HUB-WIDE—In this week's Open Thread, Eater Boston wants to know about the restaurant dish without which you simply couldn't survive. What would absolutely destroy you if it disappeared from the menu? What dictates where you go for special occasions? Share your thoughts.
SOUTH BOSTON—Southie's Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant is celebrating its first anniversary, and Eater caught up with the owner, executive chef, and bar manager to talk about their beloved pizza, the blizzard that changed it all, and more.
HUB-WIDE—Still figuring out Halloween plans? Here's a guide to parties around town, from a zombie prom to costume contests and beyond. Some events are as early as this weekend, and the celebrations continue through next weekend.