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Big Reveal: the 2-BR In the New Millennium Place

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And, now, the answer to this week's asking-rent guessing game.

Address: 580 Washington Street, #306
Rent: $6,400
The Skinny: The closings (and the flippings) have started at the recently completed Millennium Place condo complex in Downtown Crossing. So has the leasing by new owners, which led to this week's RentSpotter. Which led to nearly half of you guessing a relatively lowball monthly ask of $5,550 for this 2-BR, 2-BA spread over 1,140 square feet. More than a quarter of you low-balled it further to $4,500 (and another 6.3 percent to under $4K!). Just over 21 percent guessed correctly.
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Millennium Place

580 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111