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It's a Deal for Girthquakingly Wide 49 Mount Vernon

The 37-foot-wide Beacon Hill townhouse crashed the market in May 2012 for $4,350,000.

Exactly a month later, the 6,186-square-foot, 10-fireplace manse with an ell (here) and bones in the early 1800s was pulled from the market, only to be re-debuted the next day at the same price. It was then pulled from the market exactly a month and a day later... only to be re-debuted a day after that. Indeed, the townhouse was on and off the market a grand total of 13 times between May 2012 and February 2013, the 13th being an "on" on Feb. 15, when it showed up asking $4,050,000.

That was the asking when 49 Mount Vernon found a buyer over the summer. The closing price, as of mid-October, was ... $3,950,000. See? Not every seller's getting above the asking in Boston.
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