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What Boston Prices Buy You in St. Louis

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Curbed Comparisons is normally a map of 10 similarly priced homes for sale in Greater Boston. Given that the Red Sox are playing the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series, we thought we'd change things up a bit. Herewith, seven homes for sale in St. Louis for about the median Boston sales price of $434,300, according to Zillow. Read 'em and weep. We did.

6170 Kingsbury Avenue
Square footage: 3,724
Asking price: $450,000
This 6-BR, 5-BA single-family was recently price-chopped a whopping $10,000.
625 South Skinker Boulevard, #1202
Square footage: 1,975
Asking price:$449,000
This 12th-floor condo has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, central air and in-unit laundry.
3635 Flad Avenue
Square footage: 4,212
Asking price: $450,000
This 5-BR, 2.5-BA Victorian single-family comes with three parking spaces and central air.


2656 January Avenue
Square footage: 2,293
Asking price: $425,000
The 4-BR, 5-BA single-family has a property-tax abatement, central air and a two-car garage.
901 South Skinner Boulevard, #1S
Square footage: 1,775
Asking price: $449,900
This 2-BR, 3-BA condo has a walk-in pantry, central air and in-unit laundry.

410 New Newstead Avenue, #9S
Square footage: 2,500
Asking price: $425,000
The 2-BR, 3-BA condo comes with one garaged parking space (we know how valuable those can be in the Hub!) and in-unit laundry.
4141 West Pine Boulevard
Square footage: 2,664
Asking price: $425,000
This 4-BR, 3-BA chopped its price by $34,000 last month, and has a "motivated seller," according to the listing. Act now.
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