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This Could Be Millennium Place's First Mega-Deal

Big-time deals at big-time Millennium Place continue to close. An eighth-floor spread closed Oct. 23 for $1,320,000, a seventh-floor one for $1,040,000 two days later. But what of the newly unveiled tower's 256 condos still on the market? The most expensive of these is a 2,349-square-foot penthouse.

The 3-BR, 3-BA, with a 500-square-foot private terrace, wants $3,295,000. If it goes anywhere near that, it will be either Millennium Place's (a) first close over $2M or (b) first close over $3M. Hard to say what will happen, though the penthouse is currently under agreement, meaning it's found a buyer. Boston condos have not been closing for more than their asking prices as often as they used to; then again, Millennium Place ain't your average Boston condo.
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Millennium Place

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