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After Wild Four-Year Ride, Weston Manse Goes for $10M

The palace at 5 Willow Road in Weston had been asking $12,900,000. Gobsmacking enough, yes, but know ye this: It started out asking a lot more.

The 17,446-square-foot, 13.43-acre estate hit the sales market way back in November 2009 for a whopping $24,500,000. That asking was chopped six months later to $21,750,000; and then returned five days after that price-chop to the original asking. Then things got weird: six price changes, including another return to the original asking, and a brokerage switch. It all ended in the last week of March, when the asking dropped from $14,500,000 to that $12,900,000, where it road through the summer to a $10,000,000 deal that closed Oct. 1.

That makes it, according to Boston real estate agent (and Curbed Boston columnist) David Bates, the third-highest single-family sale in Massachusetts this year and the second-highest outside of Boston. "A price-chop of that magnitude," Bates emailed us, noting the difference between the last asking and the closing, "takes either real skill or impressive negotiating powers."

Now! What does one get with 5 Willow, besides the scope: Seven bedrooms; seven full bathrooms and and six halves; a four-car garage; a home theater; a gym; a wine cellar and tasting room; a pool; and, naturally, a pool house. The whole shebang last traded way, way back in July 1998 for $4,450,000. That was a lot of money back then.
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