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Fenway Rowdiness; Charles Hotel Deal; Boston Climate Change

CAMBRIDGE—The Charles Hotel (one of the Curbed Boston Hotels 18!) is running a special for Thanksgiving if you really want to get away from the relatives. [Charles]
BOSTON—The city dodged a bullet last October: "The report notes that had Sandy hit during high tide, Boston may have experienced flooding equal to the Mean High High Water — the average level of the higher of the two daily high tides — plus an additional 5 feet of water." [Herald]
FENWAY—Ah, parking in Boston: "Turns out, Duncan's car had been rolled over by a group of rowdy fans, a destructive spree captured on video by bystanders and in photographs by the news media. 'I don't know why they chose my car,' he said by phone Thursday morning. 'I guess it's pretty light.'" []