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Explaining the Parcel 9 Project; Curbing the Charles' Runoff

DOWNTOWN—State transportation chief Richard Davey sounded off on the big Parcel 9 decision (spoiler alert: it came down to money): "Davey said the financial package offered by Normandy of a 99-year lease that will result in rent to the state of between $7.3 and $8.5 million, was better than the competing plan." [Biz Journal]
BOSTON—The city could do a better job of curbing the Charles' runoff, sayeth The Globe editorial board, and they could look to the Windy City to do so: "In 2006, then-mayor Richard Daley launched the "green alleys" program, a plan to resurface Chicago's 1,900 miles of alleyways with material that allows water to drain slowly through it. (Former Boston mayoral candidate Rob Consalvo's proposal for sidewalks made of recycled tire rubber would have similar benefits.)" [Globe]

Parcel 9

Blackstone Street, Boston, MA