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A Winter Retreat in the Leather District

'Cause Boston's lovely that time of year. Seriously, though, we got an email (we get lots of emails—where's yours?) from a couple doing something we all talk about doing but never do: "My husband and I are about to take off next month on a trip around the world for a 'career break' and will be renting our fabulous (I think!) Leather District loft for the duration of our time abroad, likely November - March (we're still fleshing out the details)."

The 1,805-square-foot, 2-BR, 2-BA loft comes fully furnished (dig the wall art) and is move-in ready by the end of October for tenancy through January or February. The owners are asking $5,200 a month, a tidy enough sum but nowhere near the mad-crazy amounts we've seen ventured in Boston this year. Get.
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