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Check Out the New T Map

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Personally, we would've preferred this one. Alas.


The winning map (above) was designed by Mikheil Kvrivishvili, an interactive and graphic designer from Moscow. It incorporates fresh features like:
· all surface Green Line stations shown
· all Silver Line 2 stops shown
· area of the map showing the connections between Silver Line and the downtown subway stations enlarged to make it easier for customers to understand how the various Silver Line routes operate
· all rapid transit lines have a label with their color (i.e. the word "RED" appears on the Red Line)
· most of the rapid transit lines have been reoriented creating a more organized look
· line width of the Key Bus Routes and the font size of the Key Bus Route stations has been shrunk, resulting in a cleaner map where rapid transit lines stand out.

All of the above per the MBTA, which whittled down several contenders (including the first image up top), in part through a poll that drew 17,045 voters.
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