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New Master Plan for Boston; New Hope for the BRA; More!

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EVERETT—Hmm... Would-be Hub casino-resort operator Wynn is out in Philly: "During the application process up to this point, Wynn had touted its ability to create a resort along the Delaware River that would draw wealthy visitors to the city and change the tone of casinos in the state." []
BOSTON—The Globe's Ideas section has a whole host of suggestions of incoming Mayor Marty Walsh. Like: "The most powerful tool for making Boston livelier, economically healthier, and more inclusive is a new master plan for the city. Crafting a master plan might sound like a natural first step for any just-elected mayor, but in Boston it would be a radical departure. Not for decades have we had a cohesive program for growth and development." [Globe]
BOSTON—Speaking of the new mayor! "New boss, but same old, slow and stinky way at Boston City Hall of vetting big development projects, at least for the foreseeable future." [Banker & Tradesman]