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Allston Behemoth Promises Parking for 10, More Apartments

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Welcome to Triple-Decker Thursday, a new feature on that Greater Boston institution, the three-level apartment building.

The primary siren of our region's triple-deckers is their investment potential. This 4,506-square-foot spread at 54 Gardner Street in Allston promises not only parking for 10 (valuable enough in itself in Boston) but the zoning to morph this bad-boy from three units to as many as six. Voila, more rent!

The three-unit (for now) 54 Gardner hasn't been on the sales market since the 1980s, and the owner is now asking $1,515,000, which, we imagine, you couldn't ask in Allston back in the day. That gets you that potential for more units; the parking (including within a four-car garage); nine bedrooms total; four bathrooms; and two laundry rooms.
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