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Last Hurrah for 10 Marlborough? Two-Year Sales Saga Ending

The girthquakingly wide townhouse at 10 Marlborough Street has been on the sales market for well over two years, a rare feat in today's go-go Boston sales scene. For just as long, we've lamented the storied monster's fate, given its Gilded Age elegance and its literary pedigree: Boston chronicler Edwin O'Connor, he of The Last Hurrah, lived there with his family for two years, selling 10 Marlborough in 1967. The buyer then is the seller now.

The 33.5-foot-wide, 11,000-square-foot townhouse dropped for $13,500,000 back in September 2011. The asking price for its 10 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, elevator and garaged parking soon started fluctuating, dropping to $12,750,000 and then to the last asking of $11,750,000. All the while, the Boston real estate market only heated up, 10 Marlborough a seeming anomaly in the frenzy.

Well! The manse has met its buyer. Or, at least, 10 Marlborough is now under agreement at that last asking of $11.75M. We won't know its closing price until—and if—it closes. But there it is. Stay tuned.
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