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Hubway in Winter; Urban Farming in Boston; More!

CAMBRIDGE—'Cause Cantabrigians are tough cookies: "Hubway stations in Cambridge will remain open this winter, when stations throughout the rest of the regional bike-sharing system have closed for the season. ... Of the 27 Hubway bicycle docking stations in Cambridge, however, only one, in Lafayette Square ..." []
EAST BOSTON—Caesars' chairman is still smarting over the casino-resort that wasn't: "What angers Loveman most is that Caesars, which is licensed for 50 casinos in 13 states, wasn't given the opportunity to rebut allegations raised in the report. 'It's not like we're a new applicant with a great deal of uncertainty,' Loveman said. 'We're on display for examination every day.'" [Biz Journal]
BOSTON—The city's trying to grow regs for urban farming: "The legislation says ground-level 'small' (less than 10,000 square feet) and 'medium' (10,000 square feet per one acre) farms are allowed on residential, commercial, industrial and institutional land." []

New Balance Hubway

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